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Saying Good-bye


On July 25, 2015, led by Dr. Suzanne Larson DeWees,

Ecky’s lifelong friends said our tearful last “Good-bye.”


Ecky, you will remain in our hearts forever!


Rest in peace, dear Cherished Friend!


With deepest appreciation to John and Shelley McKendry, who opened their home,

making this occasion (and many others in the past!) possible. This special bench where

Brehmie is sitting remains as a tribute to Ecky. The plaque says:




Remembering Ecky


     As we struggle to deal with the shocking news of the loss of our beloved “Ecky” (i.e., Sue Ellen Eckert Avner), we want to honor her the way she deserves by paying tribute to the person we call our precious Friend.  We—her close ACHS ’65 pals—want to highlight the positive aspects that made us love her so much:  her endearing giggle, her quick response to a Facebook message or email, her reliable feedback when you really needed to hear the truth, her willingness to provide an understanding “ear” when we were down, and the list goes on!

     Those of us—her closest ACHS ’65 pals—plotted with her to move from Amherst to start a new and exciting chapter that led us to San Francisco during the Summer of Love in 1969.  The original group consisted of the FIVE Sues:  Sue Barrow (Barzie), Sue Driscoll Meyer (The Drisc), Sue Eckert Avner (Ecky), Sue Putman Randall (Putsie), and Sue Tober Sutton (Tobes).  With so many of us named “Sue,” it is we obvious we HAD to have nicknames!  Jennifer Brehm Weller (Brehmie) quickly joined us and the exodus from Amherst to San Francisco grew and grew.  Reunions in San Francisco and Lake Tahoe and ACHS reunions included getting together with friends we call the “Beloveds”—“Chez” Chesbro Warner, “Kubs” Kathy Kubli Finaldi, “Jergs” Sharon Jerge Ewers, “Koncz” Mary Konczakowski Pappas, Sally Stiles Hamby, “Wheels” Wendy Williams McInturff, and Cathy “McClure” Gildiner (our “Honorary” ACHS ’65 friend!). We all came to love our “Little Ecky” even more as we shared experiences life dealt us…marriage, children, divorce, remarriage, loss of parents, etc. She was never too busy to be “there” for us all her life, as evidenced by the many reunions she attended over the years in order to keep connected, whether in San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, Florida, or Buffalo. We cherish the special memories of a Buffalo ACHS reunion party held by Tony Caggiano (Cagey) and the numerous reunion parties hosted by John and Shelley McKendry. We are forever indebted to John and Shelley for their loving generosity and hospitality over the years.  Especially now, we are so grateful to them as they are holding on to our Ecky with the intention of giving her a final resting place in Buffalo, NY.  Details will be announced once plans are in place.

     Now, Dearest Ecky, we want to be “there” for you as you have made your transition from this life to the next.  May this website, and the sampling of pictures from various chapters of your life, show how much you are loved.  We will never, ever forget you, Ecky. Godspeed, precious Friend.


The following is the obituary, to be placed in the Buffalo News, written by Jennifer Brehm Weller:

Sue Ellen Eckert Avner (Ecky) passed away peacefully in her sleep on Friday, December 6, 2013 at her home in Overland Park, Kansas.  Sue was a life force to all who knew her and the source of communications which held so many of her friends together over the years.  Sue graduated from Amherst Central High School in New York in 1965.  She moved with her high school friends to San Francisco in 1967.  Eventually she settled in Overland Park, Kansas, where she worked at Midwest Research Institute until her retirement.  Sue is survived by an only son, Nicholas, and her two brothers Paul Eckert and Billy Eckert and their families. 
Sue will be remembered with love and laughter of a life well lived by a friend much loved.  There will be a celebration of her life at a later date.  In lieu of flowers or donations Sue would have liked all who knew her to be kind to one another and love each day.


Today (February 7) would have been your 67th birthday, dear Ecky!  Cannot believe the funny cards we used to exchange will not be done this year…or ever again! As I think back on our long history a flood of memories come to me:  the shared early grade school days, the junior high school experiences, walking to Franks (formerly Badehl’s--?spelling), getting dressed at my house for the Senior Prom, moving to San Francisco, meeting up again at our many Lake Tahoe/San Francisco/Amherst reunions over the years…and the list goes on.  Oh, how we will miss your infectious giggle…but we will make sure you will never, ever be forgotten.  SO, in that respect, we will always keep you with us, dearest Ecky!!!   Love, "Putsie"


From the very beginning to the very end.....Ecky, you were always my friend.  Happy Birthday Eck, xoxo, you will be truly missed...We all have a real Guardian Angel now. Love, Kubs






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Guest Book


Susan "Putsie" & Bob Randall, Rocklin, California, United States

Regina & Paul Eckert, Mexia, Texas, United States

Cathy Gildiner, Toronto, Canada

Kathy and Tony (Kubli) Finaldi, West Seneca, New York, United States

Jim Spigarelli, Leawood, Kansas, United States

Luann (Floyd) Thornell, Mesa, Arizona, United States

Georgia (Putman) Gian, East Amherst, New York, United States

Kennie (Putman) Dubil, Amherst, New York, United States

Camille Faso, Dushore, Pennsylvania, United States

Toni Rifenburg-Walker, Bradenton, Florida, United States

Kathy Grande-Schaub, Fairport, New York, United States

Mary (Konczakowski) Pappas, Naples, Florida, United States

Jean Platzer/Delamere, East Amherst, New York, United States

Chez Warner, Boulder, Colorado, United States

Susan Tober Sutton, Corte Madera, California, United States